Special Diploma 3 of IT

Diploma 3 “Unggulan” Information Technology Faculty has 3 (three) concentrations:

  • Computer Graphics & Design
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Networking

Study Concept

D3 “Unggulan” applies modern learning concepts with e-learning which is combined with the “link and match” programme from ICT practitioners. With this concept, students become the center of learning (student centred learning). Each student’s desk is equipped with a computer and internet facilities, thus enabling the student to conduct online discussions with friends, lecturers, or other netizens. Besides that, students can access unlimited numbers content any time.

Each class consists of 30 students, It creates an optimal learning environment for the students to absorb the lecture materials. In addition, there are learning facilities that enable students to do long-distance learning when they meet obstacles to attend a class.

Learning Materials

Learning materials which are developed for the E-Learning concept allow lecturers to adjust the teaching materials at all times with the recent technological developments. We know that computer technology is rapidly changing. “Link and match” programmes are done by conducting testimonial exams by practitioners and also monitored by the students’ parents.

Soft Skill
Soft skills that students gain includes English, communication skills, managerial skills, excellent strong, creativity, and innovation.


Hard Skill

While hard skills gained from ICT are divided into:

a. General

IT Support, conducts office automation, as a System Administrator

b. Specialization

Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Web Programmer, Web Designer, E-commerce system Developer , Computer Animator, and Computer Graphic Designer.


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