Rector’s Greetings

Welcome to  University of Budi Luhur (BLU). We are delighted that via this website you are joining the people who have been visiting us for years.

BLU, under the management of Yayasan Budi Luhur is a nationally recognized institution with excellent learning and teaching. BLU was the first university in Indonesia that delivered computer studies, and it  consistently Score  out as one of Indonesia’s best higher educational institutions in computer studies and is still highly respected.

BLU, founded on 1 April 1979 by Drs. Djaetun. HS and dedicated to his beloved country, Indonesia, aims to support the government in producing qualified human resources that are now badly needed, because the key to win the tight competition in this global era is certainly by being  qualified and professional ones in our profession. We realize that being professional and qualified requires great efforts.

That is why BLU has a global outlook in preparing its future. We also realize that it is very important recently for the university to create institutional network with overseas universities, for both student and staff exchanges, to do teaching and research. By doing such effort, we convince that the programs we deliver to our students are professionally designed and always meet the demand of global needs.

Prof. Ir. Suryo Hapsoro Tri Utomo, Ph. D, Rector

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