Magister of Computer Science

In the current era of globalization , in which AFTA has been in force , one of the competitive advantages that should be owned by an institution / company is the ability to prepare and have the information quickly and accurately . These capabilities must be prepared and administered by qualified human resources . Based on the need for competent human resources in the field of communication technology , media and information technology ( ICT ) as well as to accelerate the utilization of telematics technology in accordance with the results of the session of the World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS ) , the University of Budi Luhur hold Master degree in Computer Science ( S2 ) to prepare qualified and competent human resources in preparing , building and managing enterprise information systems .

Being a leading master program in the field of telematics technology in Indonesia with based on noble character .

Prepare graduates as leader  in the field of telematics technology , noble character and have the expertise , knowledge and values ​​( skills , knowledge and values) in :

Master the core knowledge telematics technology ;
Integrating telematics technology and business ;
Has a broad business perspective with the reality on the ground ;
Mastering communication skills among individuals and teams ;
Proficient analytical and critical thinking skills ;
Mastering specific skills that lead to career

The curriculum is structured and arranged Mkom tailored to the needs of industry and business in Indonesia , particularly with local content such as materials in the field of telematics and computer -based management . The curriculum is also structured by reference from MSIS 2000, the Model Curriculum for Graduate Degree Programs in Information Systems , who created and developed continuously by the ACM ( Association of Computer Machinery ) and AIS ( Association for
Information Systems ) in the United States .

Meet local needs in the field of human resources telematics technology , contributing to the intellectual life of the nation’s efforts noble character and to build capabilities and professional expertise in the field of telematics technology to be able to compete in the global marketplace .

Program Objectives
Produce graduates with the competencies :
Mastery of academic and professional expertise in the field of telematics technology , with career opportunities as :

Business consulting and information system development project ;
Business software industry ( software ) and hardware ( hardware )
Managers and developers of telematics technology network infrastructure ;
Manager and developer of telematics technology -based business ( e – business ) .
Having a solid foundation for further study into the doctoral program ( S3 ) in the field of telematics technology .

All students are required to attend the University of Budi Luhur matriculation weighing 1 credit per subject . Matriculation will discuss the basic concepts and business information systems in order to bridge the gap between undergraduate programs that are multientry the master and make the perception of education at the University of Budi Luhur .

Matriculation Subjects :

Fundamentals of Telematics Technology
Financial Management & Marketing
Behavior & Organization Development
Ethics & Insights

Our Facilities
In addition to the comfortable lecture halls , libraries are also available that provides new books as a student to broaden the reference / information on the subject being studied , either IT , Business and Management . Also available lab . computer with internet facility , conference presentations , as well as cafes and banks are located on the ground floor .

Location :
Jl . Ciledug Raya, Petukangan Utara, Jakarta Selatan.

Duration of Study : can be completed in 4 semesters .

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