Academy of Secretary

Budi Luhur Secretary Academy is highly committed to prepare the future talent of smart and noble valued secretaries who are, able to complete multiple tasks, information and communication technology cultured to win the competition of today’s work industries.


Competency-based curriculum is designed to fit the demands of the modern secretarial work life, including the secretarial and personality development, paperwork / Administration, Information Technology, Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) & Foreign Languages, Economics & Business and Ethics & Moral.

Tuition (theory & practice) packed in 2 ½ years (5 semesters). In the 6th semester, students take the internship program and get ready to enter the work industry. Each student has the opportunity to further achieve an undergraduate degree through an advanced tuition package (Faculty of Economics / Faculty of Communications) which can be accomplished within 2 years.

Within not more than 5 (five) years, students at Budi Luhur Secretary Academy will have acquired a degree as an Associate Expert (Ahli Madya / A.Md) , a decent job and an undergraduate degree.


The classrooms are equipped with air conditioning, LCD projectors, multimedia computers which are connected to the internet so the materials are presented in more interesting and various ways. Class layout is designed in a U-shape form with a maximum capacity of 30 students per class to support learning activities that are focused on students (student-centered learning).


  • Computer Laboratory which is connected to the internet network.
  • Language Laboratory which is equipped with multimedia devices.
  • Office Laboratory  as an e-office-based modern business office model that supports virtual meetings and other office automation
  • Electronic & manual typing Laboratory


Library collections include supporting lecture books, self-development and secretarial books, scientific journals, teenagers reading, newspapers and women’s magazines to broaden the entire academic community. Library also features free internet corner so any information can be accessed any time.

Supporting Facility

Other supporting facilities are student lounges, Wi-Fi area (HotSpot), Student Academic Information Systems (intranet) access, campus bus service, cafeteria, conference hall and indoor / outdoor sports area. Besides lectures, students are equipped with extra knowledge through per semester certified  seminars, Table Manner training, Beauty Class and other extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, cultures and languages. There are scholarships for outstanding students academic or non-academic and for the economically weak students.

Prospective Carrier

Being well educated with knowledge and competence in secretarial, economics / business, language​​, and ICT (Information Communication Technology) areas, the graduates of Budi Luhur Academy Secretary are ready to compete in the working industry.


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